Guarding critical cleanroom application at pharmaceutical manufacturing with Gold Series Dust Collector

Created 4 Haziran 2021 Cuma
The Gold Series Camtain contained dust collection system has been independently surrogate tested for validated performance verification.

G-CON Manufacturing, a mobile cleanroom provider, and Camfil recently teamed up to combine their leading-edge technologies to meet the needs of a well-known pharmaceutical customer.


G-CON and Camfil team up to provide a turnkey solution. G-CON Manufacturing, a mobile cleanroom provider, and Camfil recently partnered to provide their leading-edge technologies together to meet the needs of a well-known pharmaceutical customer. G-CON provided its POD technology, a unique technology that represents a quantum leap in the cleanroom arena. PODs are readily deployable, mobile, and scalable cleanroom solutions that are ideal for multi-product sites, rigorous containment needs, and on-demand scaling of production and laboratory space. Camfil provided its Gold Series Camtain GSC2, a cartridge dust and fume collector that combines enhanced performance with ease of service while cleaning the work environment of irritating dust and fumes.



As with other pharmaceutical applications, there are two areas of concern when handling pharmaceutical dust – the potent, toxic, or allergenic properties of the compound exposed to personnel and its explosion properties. The first issue involves understanding the material’s toxicological properties, reviewing the occupational exposure limit, and evaluating the risk of exposure to determine proper control methods. Some level of isolation and containment is usually needed because pharmaceutical dust is extremely potent while it is being captured in a non-production area and cannot be
released into the surrounding environment. The second concern involves the potential of explosion and resulting fires. Control measures might be needed depending on the physical characteristics of the dust relating to various factors.


The processing equipment for this particular POD needed a dust collection system that would also meet specified height limitations and floor space. In the end, Camfil’s dust and fume collector made the best choice. The technologies and collaboration represent a new direction for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Instead of using product-dedicated buildings that are expensive and inflexible, these POD facilities can be built more affordably and much more quickly. The benefits include lower cost of growth, on-demand scalability, fast-track construction, affordability, predictable cost and timeline, and the ability to repurpose the PODs once the production process reaches the end of its lifecycle. This project is an excellent example of how working with Camfil helped integrate multiple leading-edge technologies into a single custom offering.