CamCarb CM

A metal cylindrical molecular filter filled with Camfil activated alumina or activated carbon.Typically installed in supply, recirculation, and exhaust air systems in commercial, industrial, and process applications with temperatures up to 80ºC. Their refillable design provides a low total cost of ownership for the removal of odorous and irritant gases.

  • Ideal for high temperature applications above 60ºC
  • Factory refillable
  • Inherently leak-free design when installed in dedicated hardware
  • Combines highest removal efficiency and low pressure drop
  • Predicted removal efficiency and lifetime by Camfil's proprietary software
  • Typical target gases: VOCs, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide
  • ICON6 Molecular
  • ICON14 IAQ_Facility
  • ICON37 ISO10121
Item Type Airflow (m3/h) Diameter 1 (mm) Length 1, Cylindrical (mm) Pressure drop Initial (Pa) Nominal weight (kg) Nominal weight (lbs) Optimum RH (%) Optimum temperature (°C) Optimum temperature (°F)
CamCarb CM 2600 VOC 2500 145 450 110 3.9 8.6 0-70 Max. 40 Max.104
CamCarb CM 2600 H2S_Mercaptans 2500 145 450 110 3.9 8.6 40-90 10-60 50-140
CamCarb CM 2600 Acids 2500 145 450 110 3.9 8.6 40-90 10-60 50-140
CamCarb CM 2600 Bases 2500 145 450 110 3.9 8.6 40-90 10-60 50-140
CamCarb CM 3500 VOC 3400 145 600 190 5.2 11.5 0-70 Max. 40 Max.104
CamCarb CM 3500 H2S_Mercaptans 3400 145 600 190 5.2 11.5 40-60 10-60 50-140
CamCarb CM 3500 Acids 3400 145 600 190 5.2 11.5 40-90 10-60 50-140
CamCarb CM 3500 Bases 3400 145 600 190 5.2 11.5 40-90 10-60 50-140


The most reliable molecular filter for high efficiency and long-term control of molecular contaminants in sensitive buildings and process industries.
They may also be used in odour removal applications in pulp and paper mills and wastewater treatment plants, or lighter applications such as airports, cultural heritage building, and commercial offices.
Filter Frame
Stainless steel, Galvanised steel
Activated Carbon, Impregnated Activated Carbon, Impregnated Activated Alumina
Max temperature (°C)
Recommended final pressure drop
Not a particulate filter. Molecular filter's initial pressure drop equals its final pressure drop. Consult with factory on end-of-life analysis.
Installation options
Dedicated base plate in 2 standard sizes (1.5 mm and 2.0 mm thickness)
Filter performance will be affected if used in conditions where T and RH are above or below the optimum conditions.
CamCarb CM can be used in Supply Air, Recirculation Air and Exhaust Air ventilation systems.

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