Get tough on dust. Camfil’s dust control and air filtration solutions are specially designed for high performance in harsh mining environments.

At Camfil, we work together with mining and engineering companies and contractors to find effective, reliable solutions to control dust in mining operations to protect workers, the environment and equipment while maximizing production.

A clean plant helps to improve the health and safety of its employees, and helps mining companies to comply with stringent permit requirements. Along with this, a clean plant also boosts the morale of the people who work there, helping them to feel pride in what they do. As an additional benefit, a cleaner plant also reduces wear on components, reducing maintenance and improving reliability.

Tough challenges in the mining industry

Mines and quarries are dusty, dangerous places. Controlling dust from mining processing equipment, such as crushers, screens and conveyor transfer points, poses a tough challenge. Government agencies have strict limits on dust emissions and work with mining companies to reduce such emissions around mine sites to protect people and the environment.

If emissions are too high, production might be cut back and fines imposed. That’s another reason why proper design and selection of dust control equipment and air filtration solutions is crucial. Simply put, minimizing emissions allows for production of more product.

Extreme conditions demand extreme reliability

Camfil offers custom dust-control systems that are designed to withstand the rigors of the mining environment. Our Gold Series dust collector is ideal for meeting mining industry requirements in the 2.5 micron and 10 micron size particulate matter (PM) ranges.

Our industrial dust and fume collectors are extremely reliable and rugged, with a heavy-gauge construction and modular design that optimise field flexibility in harsh environments. And, they offer ease of service and reliability for a cleaner workplace.

Benefits of Camfil mining industry solutions

  • Achieve compliance with permitting conditions and strict emissions regulations
  • Protect the health and safety of plant workers
  • Slash emissions around the mining plant
  • Conserve energy and precious resources, and achieve cost savings
  • Reduce maintenance downtime and improve reliability in equipment operation (DES)
  • Produce more product

Mining applications

  • Primary crushing
  • Stockpiles
  • Secondary and tertiary crushing
  • High-pressure grind or roll crushers
  • Screening plants
  • Conveyor transfer points
  • Coarse and fine ore storage bins
  • Pressurizing electrical switch gear and control rooms
  • Assay labs



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