Quad Pulse Package I

The Quad Pulse Package I is an extraction system specifically designed to handle hazardous dusts from pharmaceutical and chemical processes with smaller air volume of 500 - 1,200 m³/h (295 – 706 cfm). The dust collector is available with integrated/external fan and includes one filter cartridge which is cleaned online in four segments, one at a time, to avoid interrupting operations.

  • Compact design
  • Clean online without interrupting operations
  • Easy installation
  • Bag-in/bag-out safe-change for filters and dust discharge
  • Integrated explosion protection
  • ATEX certified
  • HV-applications


Tabletting, filling, coating, granulating, drying, mixing, blending, packaging, central vacuum.
Key Features:
Segmented cleaning of single filter cartridge
Economical and space-saving design
Low pressure drop leads to energy cost savings
Pleated design of filter enables extended filter life and reduced replacement costs
Integrated fan and HEPA filter for simple and compact installation
Insulated for quiet operation