Termikfil 2000

  • Meets FDA requirements
  • Maximum continuous operating temperature 350°C, efficiency 99,99% at 0,3 1,1m
  • Ceramic frame
  • Efficiency tested after precuring
  • Exclusive precuring process at 300°C carried out in the plant
  • ICON9 en1822
Item Type Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Airflow (m3/h) Pressure drop Initial (Pa)
4P4 457 457 84 675 250
3P3 305 305 84 300 250
3P6 305 610 84 600 250
6P6 610 610 84 1200 250
4P6 457 610 84 900 250
7P6 762 610 84 1500 250
9P6 915 610 84 1800 250


Protection of ultra-clean processes at high temperature, sterilisation tunnels in the pharmaceutical industry
Composite ceramic
Glass fiber
Max Temp °C (Peak)
Glass Fiber, Braided glass fiber
Grille, Downstream
Stainless steel
Grille, Upstream
Stainless steel
Installation options
Mounting: A stainless steel adaptor frame can be supplied to reach the thickness of 150mm or 292mm
Max. final pressure drop
350 Pa
Efficiency 0.3µm : > 99.99% @ front velocity 0.9m/s
Local penetration max.: 10-4 maximum,(0.01% acc. FDA) after the 1st heating cycle on site following Camfil procedure
Note : since full running condition in customer equipment are not able to be fully described, Camfil is not able to guarantee further to the 1st heating cycle on site
NB: To reduce fume emission when starting up, TERMIKFIL undergoes a specific precuring cycle in the factory at 300ºC using an exclusive CAMFIL process

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