PDL Frihamnen

padel center improves air quality: happier and healthier padel players and visitors

PDL Group established in 2015 is today Sweden's biggest company operating padel centers in Sweden. PDLs mission is “Making people happier and healthier for better performance – on and off the court“. The PDL Center in Frihamnen, Stockholm, has operated its padel courts in this location since 2016 with an enormous growing interest in padel in recent years.

With 22 indoor courts and 6 outdoor courts, PDL Frihamnen is one of Europe's largest padel facilities. The premises are a former industrial premises where other activities have been carried out, neither the premises nor the ventilation were adapted for padel and 10,000 visitors a week. All indoor environments take in pollutants from the outdoor air, but the activity itself indoors is also a contributing factor to pollution levels. In a padel hall, dirt and pollution are formed from both the substrate, the balls and all the people who stay in the room. These contaminants are both large and small in size, many so small that they can even be harmful to humans. The combination of many small and large particulates causes visible dust to form.

Camfil Cares Services 

To ensure good air quality for its visitors, PDL Frihamnen contacted Camfil to find a customized solution for its premises. Camfil came out on site to make an assessment of the premises. This was done by doing a status measurement on existing particle levels. After particle measurement and a thorough review of the property, activity levels and other relevant parameters, PDL was recommended to place five CC 6000 air purifiers in the large room and three air purifiers in the smaller hall. The CC 6000 is the largest air purifier in Camfil's range and captures dust, viruses and other pollutants in indoor air. The air purifier is equipped with a so-called HEPA filter that filters out 99.95% of all particles, the same filter as in an operating room.


In order to measure the power and ensure that the air is actually of the quality it should, an AirImage was also installed in each room - Camfil's own air quality sensor. AirImage measures the particles in the air and presents air quality in a clear and simple way.


With the help of the sensor, PDL can control the air purifiers in its premises from a computer, phone or tablet. The system also allows automatic regulation of the air purifiers depending on how polluted the indoor air is. With customized operation, energy costs are reduced because the air purifiers run on lower flows when the indoor air becomes clean. In addition to particle levels, temperature and humidity are also measured. In addition, the system monitors operation and notifies e.g. when the filters have reached their final pressure drop and need to be replaced. With AirImage and Camfil air purifiers, PDL can focus on operations and doesn't have to devote itself to controlling air quality.

To further simplify for itself, PDL chose to use the Camfil Clean Air as a Service® service. With this service, Camfil is fully responsible for the whole, where everything is included such as installation, service and follow-up. The service is charged on an ongoing basis in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

AIR Purifier cc 6000

Air purifiers with high airflow capacity up to 6000 m3/h. Serves as a complement to existing ventilation and stand-alone unit in larger premises. Equipped with HEPA filters as standard that protect people and processes. Flexible installation such as ceiling/wall mounting or freestanding on wheels.

About the customer

PDL was founded in 2015 by former tennis pro Jonas Björkman, artist Måns Zelmerlöw and sports profiles Henrik Söderberg and Jonas Andersson. The goal is to take the sport to new heights and offer attractive end-to-end solutions to its customers. PDL is located all over Sweden with 51 centers as well as in Norway, Denmark and Switzerland. This makes PDL a leader in Swedish padel, of which the facility in Frihamnen, Stockholm, is one of Europe's largest padel facilities with its 22 indoor courts and 6 outdoor courts.

Created 28 February 2022