Music City Center Nashville, TN Shares how Hi-Flo ES Air filters Delivered Cleaner Indoor Air & Lowered Costs

Famous U.S. venue provides healthier Environment for patrons & Employees

The Music City Center set out to partner with people who are experts in air filtration. The center turned to Camfil after facility evaluations led to a proposed advanced solution that would put patrons' minds at ease when it came to air quality throughout their facility. As a result, nearly 1,000 Hi-Flo ES MERV 13A pocket filters remained in service for the entire three-year contract. By converting to a single-stage, MERV-A solution, the center achieved significantly improved indoor air quality and reduced three-year filter-related costs by $307K, change-out labor by 349 hours, and shipped 779 fewer cubic yards of dirty filters to the landfill.


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Created 16 May 2022