Filtration solutions for hospitals with a focus on the safety of patients and staff

Created 13 يوليو, 2021

When hospitals choose filter solutions for ventilation, their focus should be efficiency and reliability. Often cheaper solutions do not offer high-efficiency removal, energy savings, robustness and long terms reliability. But, the core focus while selecting the air filtration solution should always be the safety and health of the patients and the hospital staff.

Camfil's mission is to protect people, processes and the environment,  - and air filtration is most important in the healthcare sector. The level of airborne infectious particles increases in proportion to the number of infected in the hospital facility. The concern is not just limited to hospitals but nursing homes, dental offices and clinics also need effective air filtration solutions.

The health sector has strict requirements for hygiene and patient safety along with productivity and efficiency. The fast and efficient cleaning of a medical room can lead to faster operations. It is therefore important that the filtration solutions increase productivity, but also reduce energy consumption and help the patient recover swiftly. Camfil takes great pride in serving the healthcare sector for the past six decades with keen determination. 

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When higher requirements are set for the removal of viruses, bacteria, radioactivity and harmful gases, Camfil has the best industry standards and experts to help you.


Many hospitals around the world are still using old equipment in their ventilation system that leads to ineffective, unclean, unsafe supply of air. The current situation demands newer, effective equipment that can combat today's air quality challenges. Replacing the old equipment will give the medical facility an added advantage and ensure a clean supply of indoor air. Another challenge faced by the hospitals is that the working staff at the hospital lacks the understanding of the ventilation system and often selects cheap, inefficient solutions that fail to provide safe, clean air. It is important to understand the clear connection between the current ventilation system, price and safety of all involved in the hospital. Good air quality is a necessity in the hospital's indoor environment. 

Newly built hospitals usually have good air filtration solutions because of the new upgraded ventilation system. Existing or old facilities need more attention and fast, effective decisions that ensure the safety of the staff and the patients.

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It is more manageable to get premium air quality in an operating room if you have a Laminar Air Flow (LAF ceiling) with a HEPA filter. When stirring, supply air valves where clean air is supplied with LAF ceiling, larger surfaces and fields in the operating room get covered with a HEPA filter - which makes it easier to ensure clean airflow. This provides greater safety and completely clean air without the risk of infection or contamination.

In projects where money is an aim to be saved, we see that some choose to go for inferior products that will give you higher energy costs in addition to the increased risk of infection. What you save on aiming for cost is much less than the total cost of ownership when calculated with our life cycle assessment tool. However, it is not just the choice of ventilation system that determines the air quality - maintenance and robustness of air filtration play a critical role.

 What you save on cost is much less than the total cost of ownership when calculated with our life cycle assessment tool. 


Camfil strongly encourages hospitals to procure safe-change cabinets so that hospital employees have a bag in which they can pull dirty filters. One must not only decontaminate rooms where there have been patients with dangerous infections, but also secure employees who change filters from getting an infection.


In recent years, there has been a stronger focus on harmful pathogens and infections that are spread in the hospital environment. Many hospitals are using robots that spray and decontaminate rooms (hydrogen peroxide, etc.), but there is too little attention to the exhaust air and how the air filters are being replaced. Camfil has its routines and standards for a safe filter change and we encourage our customers to contact us for help and information.

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