Clean Air for World Record Attempt

The Student Association at Stockholm School of Economics (SASSE) conquered a world record for the longest consecutive time running a double pole ski machine. The ThoraxTrainer Indoor Skier ran for nine days straight beginning on the 14th of November at 16:00. 

Nine days signified the 90 kilometers of Vasaloppet, another partner in the event and the distance between Salen and Mora during the yearly race. Students, faculty, alumni, sports profiles and SASSE partners managed the machine during the nine days in the attempt to make a world record. 

450 meters away from the university sits Camfil AB, Camfil's headquarters. Camfil partnered with the school in order to bring clean air for optimal breathing during the world record attempt. By providing two City M air cleaners from the City Range, the air encompassing the ThoraxTrainer Indoor Skier will be best for training purposes. 

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is the quality of the air inside a building. It is defined on the basis of the concentrations and levels of incoming chemical and biological substances and the comfort related factors which affect people and processes. The quality of indoor air is a factor often neglected and has an impact on people's health, well-being and performance. Camfil put IAQ in relation to athletic performance to the test during the Rio de Janerio Olympic Games in 2016 by providing similar City Range air cleaners to Swedish athletes before, during and after the Olympic Games. 

During strenuous exercise, you can breath up to 60 times per minute. Your intake of air rises from six to seven liters per minute when at rest to 100 to 120 liters per minute when you are working your hardest. An elite athlete can breath much more air per day depending on the volume of training. Because of this, athletes inhale more particles than the average person. During the world record attempt, Camfil's air cleaners managed the air around the machine to ensure the 100 to 120 liters per minute inhaled by the participants was quality air. 

During the world record attempt, events took place around the equipment and the participants. A number of sports' profiles visited and took part as well as shared anecdotes for their lives as elite athletes. SASSE completed the world record within the nine days.

Find out more about the City M air cleaner, Camfil's involvement with the 2016 Olympics or the Stockholm School of Economics at these links. 

Created 24 يناير, 2019
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