Panel filters, usually used as pre/first stage filters in static inlet systems for gas turbines, have the main purpose of removing larger particles such as pollens, paper dust, and other coarse impurities.

The CamClose is a turbine filter primarily used as a pre-filter to extend the service life of final filters by offering low initial pressure drop and high dust capacity. The CamClose high flow panel filter is specially suitable for applications in humid conditions, like tropical and coastal installations, thanks to its hydrophobic/coalescing properties, downstream pleat separators and built-in drainage.

The latest generation CamClose has built-in clips to enable close-coupling to the final filter, without any additional hardware. Pressure drop can be quickly measured with the new patented pressure drop port. This allows the operator to easily measure pressure drop, without the need for many tools.

Filter class: T2, T5, T6

CamClose filters are tested for efficiency in accordance with the latest standard for air filters including ISO 29461-1:2021. Older standards available on demand.

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