• Much higher efficiency as compared to sand trap louvres
  • Much higher life for pre and bag filters resulting ROI approximately in a year
  • Tested as per ISO 5011 and efficiency of 95% Coarse dust and 78% fine dust
  • Constant pressure drop, self-cleaning
  • Modular concept and can be designed to fit in available area based upon the designed airflow


Self-Cleaning inertial filter designed to handle large volume of air.Dynavane incorporate inertial separation providing high dust removal efficiency of airbone particulate matter.
Stainless steel, Metal
Installation options
Construction: 11 gauge steel all welded construction, bolt on flange for HVAC system connection and bleed outlet,removable blade pack and four mesh inlet screens. Material of construction can be Mild Steel, SS304 & SS316
Additional Information
Face Air Velocity : 2.5m/s-4.5m/s

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