Choosing the right prefiltration strategy can optimize the performance of your ventilation system
and reduce your environmental impact. The right prefiltration strategy can also help you reclaim
labor hours and warehouse capacity by optimizing your changeout intervals.

Why use prefiltration?

Prefilters play a crucial role within a ventilation system. Their primary function is twofold:

  • Firstly, they safeguard finer filters from larger particles that can lead to a decrease in their operational lifespan.
  • Secondly, they ensure the cleanliness of the components within an air handling unit, directly contributing to the provision of ideal working conditions for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, making it more efficient.

The crucial aspect while selecting a prefilter is its lifetime in regards to the filter’s recommended exchange pressure drop – following the principal “Change Less, Gain More”.



Compare different options for prefiltration and find out what savings you can achieve.



How can the right prefilter strategy help you to have less filter changes, lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) and at the same time be more sustainable?

This whitepaper explains the importance of the selection of the right prefilter. It also outlines how you can achieve optimal performance of your HVAC system and assure good indoor air quality (IAQ) for your people, while making the cost-effective and sustainable choice.


How is the usage of prefilters a sustainable choice?

 Prefilters safeguard the fine filter in the HVAC system, ultimately prolonging its lifespan and preserving a clean and efficient ventilation system. With a more premium prefilter, the number of changeouts can be reduced.

Go green with Dual10

Camfil’s most premium filter in the prefilter range is also the most sustainable choice, the Dual10. With the greatest dust holding capacity and energy efficiency, this filter will help you reduce your energy costs as well as the number of filter changes in your building. Fewer filter changeouts equals:

  • Less raw materials consumed
  • Less waste generated
  • Less electricity used for filter production
  • Less kilometers driven due to shipping

Why Consider Dual10


A breakthrough product where every component has been engineered to deliver the highest level of continuous particle removal, with the lowest energy consumption and longest service life, while maintaining a stable filtration efficiency throughout its lifetime.

Learn more about Dual10 and its benefits in our brochure.

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