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30/30 Dual 9

Guaranteed to last longer. True MERV 9A maintained efficiency. 9-12 month service life.Rated-5 Star product, evaluated per Energy Cost Index (ECI)


Guaranteed to last longer. True MERV 8A maintained efficiency. Meets CSA 317.2 and  ASHRAE Standard 170 recommendations for medical facilities. Rated-5 Star product (ECI)

Hi-Flo ES

Multi-pocket high-efficiency air filters with tapered pockets. Lowest average pressure drop to ensure the lowest energy cost in the industry. Prefilter not required to further reduce energy costs. MERV/MERV-A 11,13, 14 and MERV 15. Rated-5 Star product (ECI)

Durafil ES²

High capacity, high efficiency, V-style air filter in an ABS plastic enclosing frame. Longest lasting high efficiency filter. Lowest Life-Cycle Cost (LCC)filter available. MERV/MERV-A 11, 13, 14, 16A. Rated-5 Star product (ECI)

Filtra 2000

High-capacity HEPA/ULPA grade filter in an anodized aluminum enclosing frame. One-piece seamless urethane gasket or gel-seal version. More media area lowers pressure drop and significantly increases the life of the filter. Solution for air-starved applications.


High efficiency MERV 13 pleated panel air filter. MERV 13 performance in a 1", 2" or4" depth to meet LEED requirements. Radial pleats with welded wire backing for higher dust holding capacity and longer life.

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