HemiPleat® Retrofit Cartridge Filters

We stock HemiPleat filters that fit your dust collectors and we guarantee they will last longer than standard industry dust collector filters. Many customers double their filter life with HemiPleat. Also available in flame-retardant, carbon impregnated, synthetic and eXtreme filter media.

  • Less energy consumption
  • Fewer filter change outs
  • Better dust release
  • Lower pressure drop
  • Saving you money
  • Longer filter life


Область применения
Synthetic beads are applied to our media in order to achieve even and open spacing. The open pleats create topmost utilization of media area resulting in longer lasting and highly efficient filter cartridges.
Camfil APC filter cartridges with HemiPleat technology have sizable dust loading capacity and allow for maximum dust release when pulsed.
These industry superior characteristics result in a cleaner, safer and lower maintenance work environment.
Плиссированный фильтр
HemiPleat Separator Technology