Gold Cone™ Cartridge Filters

Camfil APC's HemiPleat® design promises numerous and valuable benefits to end users of dust collection equipment. State-of-the-art pleating technology is the key to the HemiPleat’s superior performance.

  • Expanded capacity due to the patented inner cone of filtration media.
  • The inner cone provides uniform dispersion of back-pulsed air and opens up more usable space for airflow in the dust extractor.
  • Continuous double seal gaskets give added insurance against leaks. No other filter design gives you a double seal barrier.
Тип Диаметр фильтра Длина фильтра
GS-GR-325 381 990
GS-XC-325 381 990
GS-XF-325 381 990
GS-CB-325 381 990
GS-FR-325 381 990
GS-XS-325 381 990
GS-XG-325 381 990
GS-SY-325 381 990


Область применения
Air Pollution Control filter cartridge to collect dust and fumes in many different industrial applications and processes
Максимальная температура, (С)
70º C
HemiPleat Separator Technology
Polyurethane, endless foamed
Монтажная рама
Internal GV support cage