ActiCarb Acid Gas

  • High efficiency filter for safety and protection uses
  • Individual test of the leak rate
  • Individual certificate
  • Proven product, the factory controlled characteristics of which are
  • maintained after handling and transportation
  • Parameters integrated into internal software for customer simulation
Модель Ширина рамы Высота рамы Глубина фильтра Максимальный расход воздуха Начальный перепад давления
ActiCarb - Acid 305 610 292 600* 200


Область применения
Nuclear or other chemical industries to capture Hydrogen Fluoride
Нержавеющая сталь, Окрашенная сталь
Media: 50 mm (2 inch) bed depth of chromium-free impregnated activated carbon; vibrated and tamped to meet leakage requirements Adsorbent: KOH (7%)
Gases to trap: Acid gases (HF, HCI, HNO2, SO2...)
Impregnation: KOM
Particle size: 2 mm extruded
Relative Humidity: < 90%
Temperature: 80°C maximum in continues
Adsorbent volume (liters): full size 65 liters +/- 37 kg - half size 32,5 liters +/- 16 kg
Controls: Individual test run for leakages (< 2,5 x 10-4) and pressure drop