Quad Pulse Package

Many processes in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries produce high concentrations of hazardous dusts. Cleanable filter systems make it possible to have continuous manufacturing processes and prevent regular, expensive filter replacements.

  • Uses one HemiPleat™ Primary filter cartridge
  • Designed for 295 – 706 cfm air volumes
  • Explosion pressure shock resistant without the need for additional protection systems
  • Easy installation,
  • Bag-in/bag-out process for the primary/secondary filters and discharge bin


Область применения
Quad Pulse (Patent pending) filter cleaning design provides improved dust release and enhanced filter service life. By cleaning individual segments of the filter element, process air flow variations are reduced. This maintains proper duct air velocities and reduces pressure fluctuations in the dirty air ducting and associated process machinery. The lower compressed air pressure, improved filter cleaning and high efficiency fan motor all ensure lower energy consumption. The QPP incorporates the safe-change Bag In/Bag Out process for the main filter cartridges, HEPA filters and discharge bin. Explosion protection specifications of the QPP ensures an explosion event (up to Kst 350) is safely contained within the Quad Pulse dust collector without the need for additional expensive safety devices. Ensures the unit can be safely installed indoors without any limitations and close to the process to greatly reduce the ducting installation requirements.
Key Features:
Segmented cleaning of single filter cartridge
Economical and space-saving design
Low pressure drop leads to energy cost savings
Pleated design of filter enables extended filter life and reduced replacement costs
Integrated fan and HEPA filter for simple and compact installation
Insulated for quiet operation