Better and more energy-efficient products lower Pharma facility’s TOC (total ownership cost)

Shenyang Sinqi Pharmaceutical, a high-tech listed company professionally engaged in ophthalmic R&D and production in north China, have started its lower TOC journey by using all Camfil product from AHU to terminal. 

From Terminal to AHU

Sinqi started to use Camfil high performance terminal filter housing at project from very start. After the facility put into operation, Camfil housing have offered clean air to the production workshop continuously and steadily. At the same time, client’s equipment engineers also want to look for possibility to optimizing operation cost. Camfil’s LCC concept and Eurovent A+ energy rating product really impressed them. Sinqi chosen 3 kinds of pocket filters from different suppliers and do lots of tests and comparisons in their AHU. Hi-Flo’s steady pressure drop curve and stable efficiency make Sinqi have final decision, even Hi-Flo is most expensive.

After Hi-Flo were installed, client found the replacement time was extended from three months six months, it means greatly reduction of purchase costs, not to mention labor costs of replacement and maintenance. After all these visible benefits, Camfil’s product and solution are extended to all installation. 

More than 4 times usage life

What’s really impressed client is that since the start of facility in 2014, all the HEPA filter in terminal housing have been used for more than 4 years greatly reducing the replacement cost and workshop shut down time which means huge production value were saved.

For over 50 years, Camfl group have been developing air filtration solutions to help our customers improve indoor air quality for the lowest possible energy cost. Camfil is always offering full range solutions from prefilters in AHU and HEPA filters terminal supply/exhaust housings to multiple facilities located around the world in life science segment, we can help to protect people, processes while reducing their carbon footprint, in a profitable way.

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