Camfil Cairing 2019

Camfil Cairing 2019

Welcome to the CamfilCairing CyberHunt!

Here is your task:

Find the pages in the list below. The website will keep track of your journey and update this list as you find the pages. The list will change from red to green and show “found” each time you successfully complete a task. When you have completed all of the tasks, you will be presented with a form to register for your chance to win a prize at the end of the CC2019 week.

We recommend you to complete the tasks in another tab so that you more easy can get back and check your results.
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  • Navigate to the case study with the title “Leading Beverage Manufacturer Protects Employee Health” - Not found
  • Navigate to the Sustainability section under “About US” - Not found
  • Navigate to the “Contact locator” - Not found
    • How many people are listed as “Sales” in the Copenhagen, Denmark office?
  • Navigate to the product finder - Not found
    • How many products do we recommend for visitors with a “Grease” concern?
  • Navigate to the Document finder - Not found
    • How many “Case Studies” do we have for the “Industry Category” “waste and recycling”?
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