CEO of Camfil Explains Sustainability engagement and vision

CEO of Camfil Explains Sustainability engagement and vision

Created Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Mark Simmons, CEO of Camfil, explains Camfil’s sustainability engagement and vision in the following interview


2020 was all about finding a new normal and continuity, followed by our need to change and adapt. Sustainability has always been an essential part of our process and it must be met by transforming the life cycle of the product, from manufacturing to waste to logistics and operations. Our business model gives us new opportunities to develop and design solutions that ensure safety, efficiency, and sustainability. The actionable projects started by Camfil generate value for our customers and the community by saving energy and reducing environmental impact during our product life cycle. I am humbled to say that all the work we have done in readjusting to the market situation has intensified our work to adapt Camfil for the future, the future we want to leave behind for the next generation. Looking ahead, we should drive the market with energy-saving solutions that contribute positively to the environment.


Our research and product development team made a breakthrough in HEPA filtration with Megalam EnerGuard, which is transforming the air quality in the cleanroom segment. Thanks to its performance and technology, the product also won the Grand Indoor Climate Prize in Sweden for its advanced premium HEPA filtration for cleanrooms. The filter is sustainable, saves money during operations, and consumes less energy compared to other traditional filters in the market. The new ultramodern, robust, and reliable media also provides safer handling with minimal risk of damage during transport and installation, and thus a longer lifetime and less waste generation.

Another significant service launched by Camfil Power System to improve the output performance is PowerEye, an advanced predictive analytics tool. It helps you understand the impact that environmental conditions, changing weather patterns, and filter status have on the performance of your gasturbines. The calculated data can help your gas turbine business with filter life predictions and change recommendations that will save money and most importantly reduce environmental impact.


Our team managed a swift supply chain effort to meet the growing demand for air filtration solutions in the healthcare and pharmaceutical community due to the airborne virus. Air is life and, in these times, indoor air quality is the highest priority and we need zero compromise.

Our team in Thailand worked closely with local hospitals to equip ambulances with negative pressure space and air cleaners to make the transport safe for both patients and healthcare workers. In Sweden, we started producing and supplying FFP2-standard respiratory protection to front-line workers in the Stockholm region. In Spain, more than 100,000 Valencian students and teachers are now protected against harmful viruses thanks to our City M air purifiers. Also, we work with many bio-safety laboratories around the world classified as Level 4 (highest risk). All Camfil regions involved have put their best foot forward to help healthcare and front-line workers with their air filtration needs in these challenging times.


Although we are all facing huge challenges in these times, Camfil is committed to work towards achieving the UN SDGs in the 2030 Agenda. We are continuing our corporate social responsibility with CamfilCairing week celebrated globally among all employees where we run sustainable activities and help to better local communities. For good health and well-being at Camfil, we conducted global surveys addressing remote working and safety. This is crucial to us, as I believe in teamwork that’s built on trust and collaboration. We also actively campaigned for the UN International Clean Air Day by spreading the word via all our digital channels about our initiatives, responsibility, and commitment to the environment.

Our strong commitment to gender equality hit another milestone, and we achieved Level 2 GEEIS (Gender Equality European & International Standard) certification for gender equality and diversity. Our headquarters team along with other European teams celebrated European Diversity month and worked on a plan to enable the development of a common culture in gender equality and diversity in the workplace. I am proud of Team Camfil for their dedication and passion for sustainable development. The list can go on, as Camfil Middle East also received an In-Country Value certification for diversifying the local economy and promoting equal opportunities.


During the year, the situation allowed us to strengthen our core, the aftermarket, and come out of the challenges more resilient and cohesive. I am proud to share that we have successfully acquired Australia's leading air filtration company, Airepure, and Nordic ISO-certified air filtration company, Resema. We are expanding globally with new manufacturing sites, R&D centers, and SEK 9.2 billion in annual sales globally. We had a setback in March due to tornado damage at our US production facility for the Air Pollution Control division, but we managed to recover with a swift disaster recovery response. We are now investing and securing customer deliveries with the construction of this facility with state-of-the-art equipment and designs. Our legendary Tech Center in Trosa, Sweden, is also in the expansion phase, reaching new horizons in research and development.

Camfil Group is expanding fast and a new facility in China is under construction. This advanced facility will be one of our largest in the world and will meet the growing demand for Camfil's air filtrations solutions to safeguard and protect the people, processes, and the environment from the impact of poor air quality in the Asia Pacific region.

I have every reason to believe that Camfil is leading the clean air industry forward as we deliver the expertise and solutions our customers and partners around the world need. I will continue to support the UN Global Compact principles in the areas of human rights, equal opportunity, and well-being, along with the reduced and positive environmental impact of our products.
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