signed air purifier by ANTHONY JOSHUA
Used during his training camp for world title defence

Win a signed City M air purifier used by anthony joshua

Did you know?
That Anthony Joshua used Camfil Air purifiers during his preparation for world title fights. Clean Air can help the body recover quicker from workouts enabling you to maintain training intensities

Are you an athlete who is interested in learning about the importance of air quality your training and recovery? Are you a fan of Anthony Joshua? Or are you interested in sporting memorabilia?

Anthony Joshua and his team understand the importance of air quality to optimise his training and recovery. For his 12 week training camp, Camfil worked with Anthony Joshuas team to ensure that the air in his training camp was optimised to aid recovery after training sessions. To be in with a chance to win one of the air cleaners used in his preparation, signed by Anthony Joshua, Fill in the form below and join our Athlete Mailing list where you can learn about the importance of air quality to athletes and more about why Anthony Joshua used Camfil Air purifiers. Click here to download our Indoor Air Quality Guide for elite athletes

AJ meets his Air Cleaner

City M
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