• Combines all the essential fuctions required for pharmaceutical and biotechnology facilities
  • Integrated Control panel : all controls and connections accessible from room side
  • Easy maintenance : quick filter change
  • Long term reliability : fully welded seams
  • Airflow adjustement by "Radial" damper
  • Traceability : unique serial number
  • Individual tightness test at factory
  • ICON22 creo
Item Type Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Dimensions Width (mm) Dimensions Height (mm) Dimensions Depth (mm)
PHE-5P5-TS-C250-F 595 595 370 535 487 123
PHE-11P5-TS-C315-F 1195 595 370 1087 487 123


Turbulent airflow clean rooms in Bio-Pharma
Damper: Individual adjustable "Radial" damper, for airflow adjustment accessible from room side
- Included functions accessible from room side: Static pressure port, Damper control with Damper position indicator, Aerosol dispersion ring with Aerosol port injection
For filters: High airflow MEGALAM MG HFU HD (gel seal) or HFP HD (PU gasket) to be ordered separately
Filter Mounting: Quick filter change using pivoting clamps fitted with compression limiter
Filter seal: Knife edge for immediate air tightness with gel or PU gasket
Control: Individually leak tested at 750 Pa by pressure decay according to NF M 62200
Fastening : By removable "universal blocks", suspended by hangers or integrated into clean room ceiling panels
Hinged grids: Perforated, swirl, 4 ways adjustable blades to order separately
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