City-Flo XL

Premium bag filters with particulate and molecular media to remove solid and gaseous contaminants in one filter stage. It can be used in existing installations to remove moderate concentrations of most external and internal pollutants with ePM1 efficiencies according to ISO16890.

  • Particulate and molecular combination bag filter
  • MERV14 (14A)
  • Rapid Adsorption Dynamics (RAD)
  • Low initial pressure drop
  • Conical pockets
  • Molded, rigid, and aerodynamically-designed front frame
  • ICON6 Molecular
  • ICON7
  • ICON17 2in1
  • ICON25 ozone 3
  • ICON14 IAQ_Facility
  • ICON1 commercial buildings


Remove very light duty gaseous contaminants and MERV 14 (14A) particulates to improve the comfort air within a space. Typically used in the following industries: Athletics, Education, Hospitality, Odor Complaint, Office Building, and Retail
Filter Frame
Plastic molded
Glass fiber, Activated Carbon
Max temperature (°C)
Relative Humidity
30% - 70%
Recommended final pressure drop
Initial pressure drop + 0.4" wg or initial pressure drop x3 (whichever is lower)
Recommended final pressure drop
2x Initial pressure drop
Installation options
Front access frames and side access housings are available. See related products below.
Maximum face velocity of 500 fpm.

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