Protecting surgeon health
Aerosol Generating Procedures

Protecting surgeons during Aerosol generating procedures

Created 27 يونيو, 2021

In Hospital and healthcare settings there are Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGP's) that can put the health of surgeons and nearby staff at risk. During research conducted around these procedures, it had been noted that during one day in an operating theatre, around these aerosols, is the equivalent of the surgeon smoking 6 cigarettes. To address this issue the team at Unviersity College Dublin and the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital put forward research around reducing the affect of these Aerosols to help protect the health of the surgeon, patients and staff

The Research Project

To find a solution the research team at the Mater engaged with the team at Camfil. During the discussions about the concerns these aerosol generating procedures imposed they also talked about the situational aspects that needed to be considered when identifying the correct solution. These situational concerns include noise levels, ensuring the solution could be installed without disruption to the surgeon work or the other necessary equipment and that the solution would maintain required air quality cleanliness within the surgery.

After listening to the requirements for the project Camfil offered the City H air purification system for localised extraction. The City H is typified by its adaptable extraction arm, utilising H14 filtration (to Capture 99.995% of the contaminants) and low noise levels. The extraction arm could be positioned in multiple locations to best suit the surgeons requirements and the H14 HEPA filter would ensure room cleanliness is maintained.

To Find the full research report on the use of the City H to help protect surgeons click here

Removing aerosols generated during surgery

Watch the research study performed by the team at UCD and the Mater Hospital

The City H proved a compelling way to mitigate the problem of smoke and bioaerosol pollution of the operating room breathing zone for surgical teams
Professor Ronan Cahill, Professor of Surgery at Mater Misericordiae University Hospital and University College Dublin
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