Data Centre Air Filtration

Pollution increases operating costs, highlights need for effective air filtration.

With worsening air pollution throughout the world, many data centers in urban areas are experiencing an increase in mechanical failures due to poor air quality, showcasing the need for an effective air filtration system.

Air pollution has become a major problem in many industrialized countries, including world cities such as Beijing, Los Angeles, Tokyo and New York, just to name a few.

These cities have struggled with pollution caused by traffic congestion, manufacturing and other processes that emit contaminants into the air.

And many of these cities feature massive data centers with large networked computers that store a company’s IT systems and equipment, vital to daily operations.

But as air pollution gets worse, the quality of air inside a data center is compromised, and that can have an adverse effect on a company’s bottom line in several ways.

Corrosive Effect of Contaminants

To remain operational, data centers must be cooled to a specific temperature, and the physical equipment must be protected from the elements to avoid costly breakdowns.

The most pressing threat to the sustainability of a data center is the corrosion of electronic components, which can directly lead to a mechanical or system failure.

Pollutants that are drawn in from the outside through ventilation systems and through doorways that open when employees enter or depart the facility typically cause this corrosion.

Although a variety of noxious gases can lead to corrosion, the most common contaminants that infiltrate a data center are sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and particulate matter, also known as PM.

In cities such as Beijing, the exhaust from cars, coal power plant emissions, and fires creates particulate matter, which all contribute toward the thick haze that often clogs the Chinese capital.

Heavy pollution in Beijing has led to illnesses such as asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory ailments that is burdening the health care system.

And these contaminants can also break down computer circuitry as well as metal, and they can also cause malfunctions in the flow of electricity, which can lead to blackouts, or burn out the electronic components in a data center due to electricity flowing through the wrong circuit.

One little-known fact about air pollution is that it accelerates the accumulation of salt in the air.

Salt is a main generator of corrosion, which is why poor outside air quality can cause problems in the deterioration of electronic components in data centers.

Common Data Center Malfunctions Due to Contaminants

Because data centers are built to rely on components working together at the same time, any disruption of one function will have negative consequences on the entire system.

One of the biggest problems with poor air quality in data centers is the fact that indoor pollutants can compromise the cooling system. This either means that the cooling system breaks down, or that more power is required to generate cooling air to keep the components funtioning.

Furthermore, the salt and sulfur inside these data centers can corrode key electrical components and that can cause electrical shortages, discharges and physical deterioration of equipment.

Air Filtration Is a Must

Any company that owns a data center must act preemptively to negate the effects of poor indoor air quality with an effective air filtration system.

Systems that provide real-time monitoring are often recommended to ensure that the air filtration devices are working at optimal efficiency. Filters can clean the air inside data centers, and also pressurize the air to block external pollutants from entering the facility.

Camfil Offers Time-Tested Solutions

As an industry leader for more than 50 years, Camfil offers data center air filtration systems that are constantly being upgraded to meet the changing needs of its consumers. Camfil understands that the biggest health challenge of the new millennium is the lack of clean air throughout the world, especially in underdeveloped nations.

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Created 24 يناير, 2019
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