Two filters in one 

A completely new combination filter
Our new air filter, City-Flo XL, is a combination filter that cleans air of both particles and molecules. Because the filter contains activated carbon, it also removes odours and aromas that ordinary air filters miss. The filter has been specially developed for buildings in urban environments and is extraordinarily effective against exhaust fumes and smells. City-Flo XL is ideal for use in office complexes, shopping centres, schools and other public buildings along streets and roads that have heavy traffic. The pressure drop across Camfil’s

totally unique carbon-filled fibreglass media is uncommonly low. This saves both energy and money. The highly activated carbon removes a wide range of volatile organic contaminants. Furthermore, the filter also cleans air of ozone, a problematic gas that is common in urban environments.

Stricter European requirements
Poor air is increasingly a problem in our cities. The exhaust fumes, diesel particulates and ozone generated by increased vehicle traffic considerably lower air quality. Sulphur dioxide,

nitrogen oxide and other air contaminants are creating serious health problems. At the same time, European requirements are becoming stricter. City-Flo XL has been developed to achieve a better indoor environment that satisfies EN13779:2007, the new European standard for indoor air quality. City-Flo XL is also Eurovent certified and P-marked.

Easy to install
City-Flo XL has the same plastic frame (a single-piece casting) used in many of our other filters. This makes things extremely easy if you are already using Camfil products. When you upgrade or add to your existing filters, there is no need to replace your filter system. With our new combination filter, you simply replace both the bag filter and the carbon filter.


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