• Clima 2016 22 - 25 May
    Aalborg /
    Camfil A/S deltager på Clima 2016 med vores Roadshow-truck. Kig forbi!
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Our IAQ Road Show will definitely make you take a deep breath

Clean air is a human right
At Camfil, we believe it is vital to increase public awareness of air pollution and put Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) on the political agenda. For this reason we have invested in an IAQ Road Show, a unique 13-metre-long travelling exhibition with lab stations that show you what you are actually breathing at your place of residence or work. This rolling exhibition also tells you how you can keep polluted city air from penetrating indoor spaces. You can learn about the filters you need to accomplish this and how effective air filtration improves human health and has important economic and environmental benefits.

Today, air pollution is a global problem that varies from location to location. However, since air pollution is believed to have negative effects on human health on a long-term basis, there is a tendency to put off the problem until the future. This is unfortunate, considering that air pollution is estimated to kill approximately 2 million* people each year.

Our vision is just as clear as the air we filter: clean air is a human right. This is why we urge you to see our IAQ Road Show when we visit a city near you. Until then, we recommend that you continue your virtual visit. You will definitely find it worthwhile.

*Source: World Health Organisation (WHO)


Stakeholders Workshop
An event organised by Foundation EurActiv with the support of Camfil was held in Brussels in October 2011.
See some of the interviews of stakeholders attending the event below:

Summary Interview - Susanna Palkonen
 Interview - Anne Stauffer  Interview - Simon Birkett


Clean Air Fact
"Children are up to 50 times more sensitive to air pollution than adults"
Indoor Air Quality

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